Opportunity: Lynette A. Turner Pathways to Consulting Fellowship

AMS Planning & Research‘s Lynette A. Turner Pathways to Consulting Fellowship Program, designed to engage members of BIPOC populations, is seeking its next fellows. The program has engaged nine fellows since its inception in 2020.

This first-in-the-field program was initiated to help support and escalate involvement of individuals from groups that have been underrepresented in the arts and culture consulting field. Fellowships are intended to provide practical training and play a role in nurturing leadership by expanding and fostering inclusiveness within the discipline of arts and culture consulting.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the program has been re-imagined to be either in-person or as a remote opportunity. Program participants will be mentored by recognized sector leaders and engage in valuable training and dialogue with a professional staff that collectively has decades of expertise in the arts and culture arena. Experience at AMS may play a role in providing a competitive advantage when fellows who have been engaged in the program are looking for employment in the arts and culture sector.

Tasks associated with the fellowship program include assisting with project planning and research efforts for small organizations as well as major arts and cultural institutions; supporting quantitative analysis; assisting with research and writing; and conducting industry and consumer research. Please review our fellowship position for details and how to apply.


Testimonials from our previous fellows

My time at AMS was wonderful. The entire team was so nice and personable. The timeline of my fellowship was interrupted because of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Later in the summer, I resumed working virtually. The team set me up with a laptop and extra monitor, which just shows how dedicated they are to making sure that fellows succeed during their time at AMS.

I was a part of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee at a really interesting time. The summer I worked with AMS was also the summer “We See You White American Theater” released their 31-page demand letter. I really felt integral to the team. I was a part of meetings and my input was validated. I grew as a professional in such a short time. I really felt respected and valued as a team member, though my time with AMS was only temporary.                  – Renée Cox, Fellow, summer 2020


The AMS Pathways to Consulting Fellowship fast-tracks you onto a path of engaging with a wide variety of communities, learning how to analyze data to tell important stories, and into a diverse array of research. There is never a dull project with the myriad of clients that AMS engages and fellows will find their work is exciting and important. – Gregory Keng Strasser, Fellow, fall 2020


Being part of the AMS fellowship program was an incredibly eye-opening experience. This program is unique and helped me learn more about the arts management consulting sector. I worked on multiple projects including strategic planning, financial modeling, environmental scans, and literature reviews. Everyone at AMS is very friendly and willing to help. It was great hearing everyone’s experiences and different career paths prior to working in arts management consulting. I am grateful to everyone at AMS for taking the time to teach and mentor me.

While COVID eliminated the in-person component of internships, I was able to stay engaged with my work during my fellowship at AMS, and even visit the office as restrictions were lifted towards the end. I learned to hone my attention to detail, handle multiple tasks at once, and strengthen my writing skills. This fellowship has made me more passionate about pursuing a career in the arts and culture sector after graduation, and I encourage anyone interested to apply! – Anna Zheng, Fellow, spring 2021

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