AMS Welcomes Fellow Ava Lockamy

AMS is pleased to welcome Fellow Ava Lockamy. Ava will be joining our team from April 22nd  to July 12th.

Ava is a cum laude graduate of North Carolina Central University (NCCU) with a passion for music and business. With over a decade of experience as a violinist, Ava has honed her talent through years of practice and performance, demonstrating a deep commitment to artistic expression. Ava has also shared her expertise with the next generation by teaching violin to children, fostering a love for music and mentorship skills in young learners.

Complementing her musical pursuits, Ava Lockamy holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. This academic achievement reflects Ava’s strategic mindset and leadership capabilities, cultivated through rigorous coursework and practical experience. With a solid foundation in business principles, Ava is poised to combine her passion for music with her expertise in management, leveraging her skills to make a meaningful impact in both the artistic and corporate spheres.

AMS’s first-in-the-field program was initiated in 2019 to help support and escalate involvement of individuals from groups that have been underrepresented in the arts and culture consulting field. Fellowships are intended to provide practical training and play a role in nurturing leadership by expanding and fostering inclusiveness within the discipline of arts and culture consulting.

Program participants will be mentored by recognized sector leaders and engage in valuable training and dialogue with a professional staff that collectively has decades of expertise in the arts and culture arena. Experience at AMS may play a role in providing a competitive advantage when fellows who have been engaged in the program are looking for employment in the arts and culture sector.



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