Since 1988, AMS has helped organizations clarify their purpose, measure success, and create lasting impact. We have provided critical planning and advisory services on over $12 billion in facilities, and worked with hundreds of clients including producers, presenters, foundations, government agencies, and educational institutions across the arts, culture, and entertainment industry.

A look at what we do

The world today is adapting to rapid change. Our consulting services explore how change impacts content, consumers, community goals, venues, resource alignment and deployment that influence organizations.  We help leaders reexamine the status quo, consider contextual changes, and re-think what it means to be successful.

Facility Planning
visioning, needs assessment, developing, renovating, restoring, and operating arts and cultural facilities

Strategic Planning
driving innovation, organizational change, vitality, effectiveness, and impact

Public Policy
maximizing public value, community and economic development, and civic entanglement

Business & Operational Planning
documenting financial and activity drivers, assessing internal and external conditions, and defining success 

Community Engagement 
understanding your participants, supporters, and the marketplace 

Immersive Entertainment
immersive strategy, operating and partnership models, and audience and
market knowledge

Our notion of moving organizations beyond sustainable to vital enterprises is built on fundamental changes in how success is defined, how arts enterprises engage with their communities and their partners, and how a next-generation business model might work. 

As a result, success is measured not only by the level of activity and excellence, but also by effectiveness and entanglement in the community;
the creation of lasting public value.

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