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What AMS Planning & Research Does

Arts, culture, and entertainment organizations play essential roles in building vibrant, resilient communities. Our team provides solutions to support, enrich, and enliven these fundamental organizations and initiatives. These solutions include: 

Immersive Entertainment

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About AMS

AMS is a consulting firm deeply committed to helping communities thrive through the arts. We have successfully supported more than 1,200 organizations, guided over $12 billion in arts facilities, and gained widespread recognition for our work with arts endeavors large and small. AMS is distinguished by extensive market knowledge and exceptional access to data from hundreds of arts and entertainment organizations across North America.

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Positively shape the impact of the arts on your community — today and into the future. Our visioning approach embraces diverse voices, employs data-centric methodologies, and focuses on success.

Create lasting impacts by partnering with AMS to design projects and programs that are effective, resilient, and vital. 

Arts Intelligence by AMS is the top authority in the arts, featuring leadership summits, webinars, research interviews, and more.

Interested in putting our unparalleled experience and data to work for your vision?


Interested in putting our unparalleled experience and data to work for your vision?


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