Village of Saranac Lake: Arts and Cultural Master Plan


In June 2017, AMS was engaged by The Village of Saranac Lake to work with the Village and community to collaboratively develop an Arts and Cultural Master Plan. Our objective was to build upon Saranac Lake’s history and vibrant cultural community to provide actions that could be taken to strengthen the arts, artists, and the economy, and to support the Saranac Lake area’s reputation as a world-class destination for arts and culture.

The effort included stakeholder interviews, market analysis, patron file analysis, community survey, a facilities analysis, a visioning workshop, and two public meetings. Working together with a cultural planning committee, five key goals were identified as the foundation for the plan, including: community engagement; implementation funding; targeted marketing strategies; support for arts organizations and individual artists, and; arts and culturally driven economic development. Ultimately an implementation plan was development intended to guide the Village and community in implementing the plans goals and setting the stage for a vibrant art and cultural community for the short and long-term.

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