TheatreWorks Hartford Planning Study


AMS Planning & Research was engaged by TheaterWorks, Inc. to conduct a review of the business case assumptions and outcomes surrounding the acquisition of additional space and expansion of organizational capacity. TheaterWorks was considering the purchase of the adjacent property, a historic synagogue (pictured above), as a possibility for facility expansion.

To begin framing the opportunity, AMS conducted an analysis of the current situation of the organization and the context for this exploration. Steps included an operations review, market analysis and interviews with TheaterWorks board members, staff, community leaders, and other TheaterWorks stakeholders.

AMS worked closely with the client planning committee in workshop settings, to define success for the organization, both present and future, and how facility aligns with these aspirations.

Our final effort involved articulating the potential impact of expanded program on the organization through the creation of an activity profile, and ultimately an operating plan detailing the base year of operations in an expanded facility.

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