Vancouver Civic Theaters Business Plan


AMS Planning & Research was engaged in 2016 by the City of Vancouver to refine operating goals and expectations, revisit structures and functions, and outline an investment strategy for VCT to drive activity, enhance operations and provide service(s) that yields better results, enables its stakeholders and fulfills key City of Vancouver strategies.

AMS engaged in a multi-pronged research process that involved the following:


Conducted a Situation Analysis including:

  • Operational Analysis
  • Leadership interviews and a SWOT analysis
  • Worked with staff to define success and articulate operational goals and strategies
  • Surveyed recent VCT facility users
  • Researched exemplar organizations and best practices

Explored alternatives for change:

  • Developed order of magnitude financial impact
  • Worked with staff to determine a preferred approach for implementation

Developed the recommended approach and a plan of tactics, financial and personnel investments, and timeline for implementation

  • Established the required capitalization for the preferred approach
  • Determined impact of VCT vision on Governance

AMS was re-engaged in 2018 to provide an update of the recommendations, plan, investment and timeline for implementation.

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