McConnell Foundation: Arts & Cultural Sector Assessment and Development Strategy


AMS was engaged by the McConnell Foundation as they embarked on an assessment of the needs and opportunities for the arts and cultural sector in their home City of Redding, CA and the surrounding area. AMS’s key objectives were to look inward, gaining an understanding of the current state of arts and cultural organizations, delineate needs and opportunities, and aid the Foundation in determining how they could more strategically deploy their resources to meet the community’s needs and goals.

The study also looked outward, providing an overview of current trends, exemplars, and comparable institutions to establish criteria for potential strategies for providing arts and cultural support and development over the long-term, and to build a consensus around an impact model that would leverage the McConnell Foundation’s resources to improve the quality of life in Redding.

Our process resulted in developing three potential impact models that were tested with the Foundation’s leadership.


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