Brooklyn Academy of Music: DanceMotion USA Evaluation


DanceMotion USASM is a cross-cultural exchange program that connects America’s finest dance companies with international artists and communities.  AMS was engaged for five consecutive years to provide evaluation services for this program. Working in tandem with the program’s producers, the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), as well as the funders of the program, the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (DOS), AMS documented and evaluated the wide array of program activities associated with the program.

Created as a means to share contemporary dance genres globally, this program is a major initiative, the likes of which has not been seen in over two decades. The program serves to connect stellar American companies with those who live in the

communities the American residency dance companies visit. DanceMotion USAsm aims to cultivate mutual understanding, augment cultural diplomacy by way of cultural exchanges, provide dance experience and exposure to the underserved, help facilitate relationships between American and foreign artists and present professional American dance to those around the world.

The means of evaluation was designed to encompass a wide range of information gathering technologies. Both quantitative and qualitative, this combination of efforts ensured a comprehensive means of learning from, and engaging, the many program participants. Feedback on pre-residency and post-residency program expectations, as well as program successes and challenges from program participants were gathered through interviews and questionnaires/surveys. Data tracking forms captured programming activity taking place during the residencies. The assemblance of this information provided the tools to conduct a thorough evaluation.

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