Reporting handbook for Performing Arts Centers

Performing arts centers (PACs) have long tracked performance indicators and many have engaged in formal benchmarking for over a decade.  Still, until now, the sector has yet to formally address the need for a rigorous, singular source of performance measures and definitions.  This manual represents a first effort toward that goal and contains the work and thought of professionals throughout the PAC sector.

Performance reporting is crucial to communicating the role and relevancy of Performing Arts Centers to its stakeholders and the community served. Effective reporting delivers not only a tremendous opportunity to reveal and educate, it is also a key resource management tool for guiding operational and reporting excellence for your venue and the community it serves.

The Standard PAC Performance Reporting: An IAVM Handbook for Performing Arts Centers provides performance arts centers with benchmarks for evaluating and communicating their organization’s performance. This workbook incorporates reporting standards which should now become an integral part of a performing arts center’s sales and promotion efforts.


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