IAVM VC22: Invite, Welcome & Retain – Bringing People Back in Seats, Onstage, and Offstage

HomeAMS Project Manager Kristian Otten will discuss the complexities of what the arts, culture and live event sector needs to do to restore participation.

The AMS Planning & Research team has been at the forefront of asking this question since the beginning of the pandemic, both in the large-scale Audience Outlook Monitor and in an independent initiative, Return to the Stage, which tracked US performing arts workers for over a year. In this session, team members bring together insights from tens of thousands of survey responses from both studies to illustrate the common factors and essential humanity underlying a return of people on both sides of the curtain, who together make arts, culture, and entertainment thrive.

Attendees at IAVM VenueConnect 22 will gain insight into the parallel needs and sensitivities of patrons, personnel, and content-makers. For reference, see Audience Outlook Monitor, July 2022 Snapshot Report. See the IAVM VenueConnect 22 conference schedule for more details.



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