Rebekah Boggs


Rebekah is a Consultant at AMS. She holds a B.A. in Art History from the University of Virginia. Her career experiences, which are often based in community engagement and arts education, are centered around making the arts accessible to all members of our community. Prior to joining AMS Planning & Research, Rebekah worked as the Tour Coordinator and Education Assistant at the Fralin Museum of Art. In that role, she led the museum’s social media outreach and designed educational and artistic resources.

What drew you to the arts?

Growing up, I enjoyed acting in school plays and later began creating ceramics. After taking my first Art History class in high school, I became interested in the stories and perspectives that emerge from contextualizing fine art. At the University of Virginia, I took classes in Art History and Studio Art that further stimulated my interest in the arts, particularly in New Media and contemporary art forms, such as Digital and Internet Art.  

What drew you to Arts Administration?

Studying Art History and working in various museums influenced my decision to make the arts my career. Many of my experiences are centered in arts education and community engagement, though, while working at NEW INC, a museum-led cultural incubator, I gained a new perspective. Working hands-on at an organization where art and business are in constant conversation inspired me to further explore possibilities in Arts Administration.

What is your focus within Arts Administration?

My focus within Arts Administration is community-centered, educational work. My goals are rooted in supporting access to the arts for all members of the community. One of my favorite jobs was teaching as a private arts educator to an elementary school student during the pandemic. I enjoyed the opportunity to introduce the student to various artists, art movements, and styles for the first time, in that way, serving as an entry point into the arts.

How do you incorporate EDIA into life at AMS?

I serve on AMS’s EDIA committee. I am currently researching EDIA efforts implemented by arts and culture organizations in order to gain an understanding of the state of the field and share practices that may be applied internally and as we assist our clients. I recently led a presentation for our staff on workplace self-care as an EDIA initiative with BIPOC clients and workers in mind.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like to exercise by running or playing tennis. I also consider myself a “foodie” so I love trying new local restaurants and bakeries in Florida. I frequently go to concerts and am excited to start doing so again as venues start opening up.

Arts, culture and entertainment is our business.

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