Hannah Fenlon

Project Manager

Hannah Fenlon (she/hers) joined AMS in September 2023. A cultural strategist and arts administrator with a background in the performing arts and higher education, Hannah spent the past several years working independently as an organizational development and operations consultant, antiracism and anti-oppression facilitator, and leadership coach for partners across the country. She is deeply interested in the power of bringing together creative people to increase our sense of shared purpose and improve our social infrastructure.

What drew you to the arts? 

My mother is an actor/director/theatre educator, so I was sitting in on rehearsals from the time I was a tiny human. As a young person, I loved the thrill of performing and the micro-communities created by each show. I’ve always been compelled by the fortitude, energy, and joy of artists, and had an urge to protect and support it. 

What is most significant about the work that you do? 

The arts are integral to public life, and by working to strengthen our cultural sector, we make them more accessible and available to all. I believe in helping institutions and communities address contemporary challenges with the utmost flexibility and knowledge, particularly when it comes to meeting the shifting needs of the audiences they serve. 

Where is the greatest opportunity for the sector today? 

Collaboration. We have an abundance of brilliance in the sector, and tools that make it possible to connect across space and time. I’m excited about projects that cross disciplines, bring in community wisdom, and take inspiration from beyond the arts and culture world, all of which can add relevance to the work. 

What do you do in your spare time? 

I have a young toddler, so I spend most of my spare time exploring parks, playgrounds, and music classes in Northwest Philly. Outside of that, I am an obsessive reader, a yogi and a tennis player, and love being in nature with my family. 

Arts, culture and entertainment is our business.

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