National Search: The Sofia, Home of B Street Theatre Seeks Managing Director

The Sofia, Home of B Street Theatre, Sacramento, CA seeks a Managing Director with demonstrated strong executive leadership skills, a dynamic leader with a passion for the arts and the impact of art on the lives of the community.



The Sofia Tsakopolous Center for the Arts [sa-KAH-puh-lus]
The Sofia, one of only a few new theaters built in the 21st century for local audiences and artists, opened in 2018. Precedent-setting public sector support and private investment drove the creation of this $29 million facility, which contains the 359-seat Sutter Theater, a 250-seat thrust venue, as well as galleries, reception space, flexible rehearsal and presentation spaces, and offices. Offsite production facilities service scenic, costuming, and other physical production requirements.

Managing Director Position

The Managing Director will guide the development of a vision and strategy for the organization’s long-term growth and will provide strong leadership for the Board, staff, and the community. The Managing Director and Artistic Director are jointly charged with enabling the Sofia to realize its goals for artistic excellence, community service, education, financial stability, fundraising, and audience engagement. Within this collaborative partnership, the Managing Director is responsible for rendering the Artistic Director’s vision into practicable initiatives that are financially sound and supported, and which galvanize the Board, staff, and extended community behind it.

The Managing Director is responsible for the overall business, administrative, and operational management of the company. This includes leadership of fundraising, budgeting, financial management, HR, information systems, institutional marketing, and Board relations. Minimum qualifications and specific areas of leadership are detailed below. Given the B Street Theatre’s ongoing evolution, the following items are representative but not comprehensive. Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned to ensure the success of the organization.

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