AMS Announces the Promotion of Kristian Otten

AMS is pleased to announce the promotion of Kristian Otten to Project Manager.  Kristian began his career at AMS in 2017 as an Analyst and has participated in over 40 AMS projects. His work supports our project teams with exceptional thought partnership, enabling AMS clients to make informed decisions.

In his work supporting market assessments Kristian provides insights that give clients “A-ha!” moments, helping leaders better understand their operations, their participants, and their communities. He defines business models and provides financial analysis, supporting the implementation of effective strategic and operational plans.

In recent years, Kristian has pursued a particular interest in the inner workings of the commercial music industry and its relationship with not-for-profit and municipal entities. He continues to study the inner workings of these relationships locally in Connecticut, as well as on a national scale, attending the VenuesNow and Pollstar conferences.

We appreciate Kristian’s positive rapport with clients and stakeholders and his interest and ever-growing knowledge of what’s happening in our field. Please join us in congratulating Kristian in his new role!

Arts, culture and entertainment is our business.

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